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FAKE CHATS is a daily web series that goes out on Twitter, IGTV and youtube every afternoon. Each episode I ask a hilarious comedian friend of mine to send me one half of a video chat between the two of us and then I improvise the other half based on what they said!


Sometimes the videos they send me are very straight forward and sometimes they really try and challenge me. No matter what though, the episodes always end up really funny.

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Watch Now
  • Ben Katzner  (Something Good)

  • Sam Evans (Just For Laughs)

  • Rosa Escandon (Forbes)

  • Nick Pupo (AMC's Halt & Catch Fire)

  • Hattie Hayes (Our Topic Tonight)

  • Mike Mercadal (Netflix's The Punisher)

  • Katie Ellen-Humphries (Just for Laughs)

  • Amber Rollo (The Next Binge Thing)

  • Otto Fernandez (Vulture)

  • Lauren Hope Krass (2018 She Devil Comedy Winner)

  • Carmen Lagala (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

  • Alon Elian (The Infatuation)

  • Maria Wojciechowski (I Look Like Laura Dern)

  • Cathy Humes (Beast Village Comedy Festival)

  • Tommy Bayer (10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival)

  • Katie Boyle (The Shift Podcast)

  • Tommy McNamara (Stand By Your Band)

  • Kelly Bachman (National Lampoon's Stupid Heavy)

  • Maddy Smith (MTV's Wild 'N Out)

  • Danny Stratton (The New York TImes)

  • Jaffer Khan (Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy Festival)

  • Tim Platt (MasterClass with Steve Martin)

  • Julie Mitchell (Paste Magazine)

  • Chloe Radcliffe (The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon)

  • Avery Moore (Moontower Comedy Festival)

As a stand up comedian, not being able to perform on stage during the past few months has been rough. So while this web series isn't stand up, it does force me to exercise some of the same improv and problem solving skills I use when I am on stage. It helps me scratch that itch, show off how funny my friends are and it has done a lot for my mental health. Plus, people seem to really be into it, which rules!

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