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Hello, my name is Patrick Hastie and I'm a stand up comedian based in Brooklyn, New York.

On April 7th and April 8th I recorded my debut stand up album at the  Independent Comedy Club in Detroit. The album is called Understanding in a Barn Crash. This is my first stand up album and the culmination of 10+ years of work. 

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The album is a mix of stories, riffs, and a little silly crowd work stuff. It's fun. Everything is very autobiographical. Also, I curse a good amount. It's a little over an hour long, and I have it broken up into 30 tracks (ranging from 15 seconds to 6 minutes).

I would love to work with a comedy record label to release the album. 

Below please find a full mixed track of the whole album, some videos, and my bio. If you need anything else, or if you wanna discuss this more, please reach out at Thanks!

Patrick Hastie is a stand up comedian based in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up on a farm in Southwest Iowa and started doing stand up in Des Moines in 2010. In 2013 he moved to NYC. In that time Patrick has performed in great festivals like the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival, the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest. He's also done several DIY tours, visiting lots of cool cities in the US and doing shows everywhere from comedy clubs to cat cafes. In New York, he co-produces the popular monthly shows JACKKNIFE COMEDY and HELLO BEAUTIFUL, and can be heard weekly on THE NOSTALGIC FRONT podcast. Patrick has also been featured on The Chive, College Humor, and Laugh Spin. This August he is making his  Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut with a solo show called My Grandpa's Grandpa's Dad. His 5 year plan is to be cool and live forever. 

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