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Ancestry takes an unexpected turn when a DNA test, a trip to Ellis Island, and some late-night googling leads American stand-up comedian Patrick Hastie to question the truth about his heritage and long-told family history in this hilarious and compelling solo show that made it's debut at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Future dates in New York and Los Angeles TBA.
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"This show had us cracking up the whole time! I haven’t laughed that hard at a comedy show in years. The story was fun and interesting. A friend had recommended this show and we’re so glad we went!"
- Chandra G.

"Absolutely phenomenal stand-up! We randomly wandered in after being flyered and found one of the funniest stand-ups we’ve seen at the Fringe in the last five years. Great idea for a show, well executed. Would highly recommend!"
- Mak P.

"Fantastic stand-up! Patrick perfectly captures the conspiracy theorist mania of anyone who's ever delved too far into family ancestry sites. One of the funniest performers we've seen all week. Check him out!"
- Michael H.
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